Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Local Summer, Meal 9

This meal was kind of thrown together, and we forgot to take a picture so this is a recycled shot. The fact that we were able to put a local meal together on the fly, though, is a testament to how we're eating more local foods in general. I don't think we could have come up with something quick before we joined One Local Summer. Also, I think this may be the last official meal of One Local Summer -- it's been a lot of fun!

Our meal this week was bacon, eggs & pancakes.

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Bacon - Meadow Run Farm, Lititz (12 miles)

Eggs - Meadow Run Farm, Lititz (12 miles)

Blueberry Pancakes - Whole Wheat Flour from Daisy Flour, Annville (16 miles); Egg from Meadow Run Farm, Lititz; Milk from Kreider Dairies, Manheim (2 miles); Blueberries from NJ (more than 100 miles)

Maple Syrup - Brennemans, Salisbury (188 miles - not within the 100 mile limit, but the closest-produced maple syrup I could find)

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